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Completion time: 8 hours over 4 weeks

This course provides educators with insight into classroom behaviours and learner challenges that are often linked to stress and trauma.

Outcomes of the course:

  • Understanding how stress affects children is one of the best things you can learn as an educator.  Because when you can recognize the signs of stress, and better still, when you know how to help a child heal from stress, then you can transform all kinds of terrible behaviors into clear thinking, good judgment, healthy zest, and happy attitude

What you will learn in this course

  • The “root-cause” of abnormal childhood behaviour patterns.
  • Ways kids get stressed, and how to recognise them.
  • How to help kids heal from trauma.
  • How many parents, educators, and doctors mis-diagnose “childhood stress” as ADHD, Aspergers, or even autism.
  • Why “behaviour and learning improvement” drugs can backfire with some behaviours.

Course Curriculum

Pre course assessment
Pre-Course Assessment: Childhood Stress 02:00:00
Module 1: What is childhood stress?
What is childhood stress? 00:00:00
Stress and trauma in children 00:00:00
Module 2: The effects of childhood stress on children
The effects of childhood stress on children 00:00:00
The effects of childhood stress on children continued 00:00:00
Module 3
Methods of reducing childhood stress for teachers 00:00:00
Post course assessment
Post-course assessment: Childhood Stress 02:00:00

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  1. Childhood stress


    The course on Childhood Stress was fascinating and I enjoyed every minute of it! The course was extremely insightful and I definitely gained new knowledge and a deeper understanding on the complexities of childhood stress. I strongly recommend this course to anyone with children or those working with children!
    You will look at stress in a new light. Stress is a serious problem that many young children are dealing with and this course equips you with what you need to know and do with regards to childhood stress. Thank you to Eduvation and Shaping the Learner for yet another excellent course!

  2. Absolutely fantastic course!


    I really learnt a lot about childhood stress. I realised that although stress has been recognised as a medical condition the focus seem to be more towards adults. Through this course I became more aware and cognisant about my role as a teacher not to contribute negatively in the learners learning environment. Really deep engaging material on the causes and impact childhood stress can have on children from a very early age. It made me question my own practice and school environment as how to improve and support such cases that might exist. This course opened my mind to the valuable role teachers can play especially in our low socio-economic school community. Herein I see my role as an agent of change of school practice within and outside the school.

  3. A good course


    A good course – but a few spelling errors within the videos/powerpoints.
    Some of the videos were a little slow for me, (the powerpoints set to music) – would be nice to be able to increase or decrease speed of videos.

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