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Thinking, for A Change!

There is a growing realisation that if learners merely memorise the content of the subjects they learn at school, this is no longer enough to achieve academically, or in life.  They are now being exposed to more complex problems for which there aren’t easy answers.  Not only are they required to think more effectively for themselves but they also need to master working collaboratively with others. This is impacting on education around the world, for which a new approach is required.

Both the relatively new CAPS curriculum and the IEB thinking skills exams in South Africa acknowledge the need to actively develop critical thinking skills.  However, until now, it has not been clear how school management and staff build these thinking skills into teaching and learning practice.

Our goal is for learners to become passionate, practiced, and resourceful thinkers and problem-solvers who will perform better at school and in tertiary life because of their teachers.

We help Educators to embed active questioning and thinking strategies into the learning process for better results from the same curriculum. Educators encourage their learners to build on their prior knowledge and coach critical thinking skills as they teach normal content. This nurtures learner competence and confidence and becomes an integral part of how these schools operate.

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Critical Thinking Part 1
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Critical Thinking 2
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Portfolio of Evidence
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  1. Fantastic Course!


    The course was very interesting. The presentations were informative and easy to navigate through. The feedback from the assessment was prompt and very encouraging. I enjoyed this course. The best part was the consultant – she was efficient and very helpful.

  2. Helpful my expectations were fully met!


    This course completely meet my expectations as I envisaged getting examples on how to apply critical thinking to the current curriculum. However, I did find the course useful. I feel I have been given the necessary tools to make critical thinking the focus of my lessons whilst still been able to cover content…not any easy feat for a busy teacher, but possible, and possibly easier the more I use them. Thank you!

  3. Fantastic course


    Insightful and really well thought out. Thank you!

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