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Teach Like A Superhero

Every teacher is a superhero in the eyes of their learners! In this course, we support you in discovering your teacher-superpower and teach like the superhero that you are. The teachers who know their strengths, and are able to showcase their competence, will receive more opportunities and impact more learners, colleagues and community members. The education environment is changing rapidly. There is no better time to improve your practice and to ensure that you remain relevant in the greater education ecosystem, than now. In this course, we will assist you in discovering your superpower; become a more professional and productive teacher; and learn how to 'hack' attention.

How to Identify & Manage Different Types of Children in your Classroom

This course will aid you in the classroom, giving you practical explanations and tips on how to identify and manage different types of children in your class.

Cyber Bullying

This course was designed to help better your understanding of Cyber Bullying and the effects it can have on the young people you teach.

Type 1 SACE Activity Reading Collection

A variety of articles to read in different areas of education.

How to Prepare for an Interview

What do you need to know that will set you apart from other applicants? This short course aims to set you on the fast track to a successful teaching job application.

Guidelines, Expectations and Consequences and How They Affect Discipline in the Classroom

The focus of this part is to gain knowledge on how to design and compile Guidelines (Rules), Expectations, and Consequences that are effective.

Assertive Discipline

Assertive Discipline is a workshop designed to empower teachers to manage the discipline in their classrooms themselves through a positive, rather than a negative avenue.

Learning from Textbooks like a Genius

This course will teach you how to Study efficiently and show you Step by Step what to do and how to Learn from a Textbook.

Communication Styles and How They Affect Discipline in the Classroom

Understanding how we communicate with ourselves and with others provides us with the ability to improve our communication skills for better success inside and outside of the classroom.

Personality types and how they affect discipline in the classroom

Stress can be effective in propelling us forward but the kinds of stress that Educators are subjected to often cause havoc for the Educator resulting in absenteeism due to illness and issues in personal relationships. 

Education for life: a short article reading series

This following article series includes a wide range of articles within the area of Inclusive Education. Each article is downloadable and can be read in your own time and at your own pace.

Bully-Proof your school

Every day in South Africa, thousands of children dread going back to school because they know they are going to be bullied.  Many others will fake illness in an attempt to avoid the picking-on, name-calling, exclusion, and physical abuse that has become their daily torture. 



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