How teachers can help guide students on the path to their dream jobs

There is nothing more exciting for a grade 9 pupil when the end of the year comes around and they need to start making choices around their subjects for the next year – this will, after all, determine in which direction they will be moving with their career choices.

Parents of course always have an ideal picture in their minds of which profession they would like their children to pursue but at the end of the day it is very important that children follow their dreams and get the right guidance when it comes to making career choices – this starts in the classroom. Teachers play a very important role in assisting their students in their career choices and equipping them with the right tools and skills.

Analytical Thinking Skills

Analytical thinking is the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. It involves a methodical, step-by-step approach that breaks down complex problems into individual and manageable components. The key is to ake the work explicitly clear and challenge their analytical thinking process to see how they might handle situations in the workplace.

Teamwork and Collaboration Skills

As the saying goes, teamwork definitely makes a dream work. Teamwork and collaboration is something that should be taught from a very early age in the classroom with group tasks and pairing students together to work towards a common goal. This is a priceless skill in the workplace and will assist individuals in succeeding and reaching their career goals and taking their future companies to new heights.


An entrepreneurial spirit is increasingly important for career success. Most people no longer work at the same company for decades, but carve out their own unique career paths, which may include working for a mix of small companies, big companies, and even themselves.

Over and above teaching skills in the classroom, it is important to educate your students and creating awareness around all the stellar tertiary institutions where they will be able to further their education. Boston City Campus offers students the opportunity to complete a Career Compass Survey that will help students identify career fields that suit them best. By completing the questionnaire and selecting yes or no statements, the results will be displayed showing your interest fields. This might teach students things about themselves that they might have not even known. Results will be automatically saved on the student’s profile. Help them on their way to success! They can access the survey here: 





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