How to inspire reading at home

Times have changed quite drastically from the time that we first took our seats behind a desk in a classroom. The world has become technologically inclined and almost everything is online. Instead of toddlers running and playing outside, you often see them walking around with their eyes glued to an iPad or their mom and dad’s phone. Even with technology being weird and wonderful and making our lives so much easier, unfortunately, tablets and smartphones have taken the place of a good old book.

Reading has completely taken a backseat and is actually such an important part of a child’s development, as well as stimulation in adults. One of the common reasons why children don’t like to read include that they feel it is a chore and utterly boring. Adults on the other hand simply don’t have time with their busy work schedules and would much rather invest any free time in catching up on the latest Netflix series and movies.

The good news is that when you know why children don’t like to read, you can address the issue and begin to make reading more enjoyable. 


  • Create a reading area
    Make an exciting reading area in your home with your child; with his or her help. Grab a few bean bag chairs, fun accessories, and a variety of books that you will both enjoy. This will encourage reading and also make it an activity to look forward to.
  • Set an example
    Act as a role model and make sure you lead by example. Read in front of your child, even though newspapers can be depressing make sure you stay on top of your game and have some form of a hard copy in your hand. While you are reading, encourage your child to join you.
  • Make connections between reading and real-life
    Reading can take every single individual on a magical imaginary ride, but also help children apply what they are reading to their everyday life. This will keep them interested and help them develop as individuals.
  • Go to the library
    Libraries might be so last year for most children and teenagers, but make sure you organise an outing to your local library and let your child pick out a book that grabs their attention. You can also have a discussion about the subject matter that might result in a fun and factual Q&A or just some life lessons that they will be able to apply somewhere in the near future.


Make reading part of your household’s night-time routine. This habit helps your child learn to associate reading with relaxation and you might be surprised at how easily you leave the television switched off. Reading is fun, not frustrating. You might even rediscover your own inner-child during this process. 

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