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Covid-19 – Online Resources available to assist teachers and students

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Today marks the 13th day of lockdown for South Africans in an attempt to flatten the curve and stop the spread of the global pandemic known as the Coronavirus. Since this was declared as a natural disaster in South Africa, people have been self-isolating, keeping their distance from each other and businesses have had to close their doors and schools were closed. With the number increasing daily, the closure of schools could become permanent in the foreseeable future. 

In the digital era that we live in, there are luckily many resources available to assist students and teachers, teaching and learning are more challenging than the reality that we knew not too long ago. Even if disadvantaged schools were equipped to provide digital teaching at this stage, their learner and parent base do not have the means to access it, thus creating a big gap that the government will need to close.

Nonetheless, the following platforms are available for students and teachers to stay up to date as we get used to our ‘new normal’

Edmodo App (Android & iOS)
The Edmodo app is easy and user-friendly. Teachers are able to share engaging lessons, keep parents up to date with what is happening and build their very own classroom community. This app was designed from scratch to focus specifically on how people communicate with students, parents and peers. All that is needed is a phone, tablet or computer for students to log in and get their e-learning on.

Zoom is another online learning platform that helps universities and schools improve student outcomes with secure video communication services for hybrid classrooms, office hours, administrative meeting amongst other things according to the Zoom website. Chats, meetings, workspaces and webinars are only a few of the nifty things you can do and create.

Thuthong Education Portal
Thuthong is FREE and offers a wealth of resources on teacher development, curriculum, legislation, educational policy, administration, links to external web resources on the internet and more. 

The Learning Channel
Coming out of the educational series aired on SABC television, the Learning Channel offers free downloadable workbooks for matric subjects, as well as interactive video tutorials in a comprehensive list of subjects for sale. 

M-Web Learning
Although this site requires M-Web, Tiscali or Iafrica membership, it offers excellent resources for all ages!

Biodiversity Explorer
Whether you’re looking for information on a micro-organism named after politicians or advice on how to deal with termites, the information-packed Biodiversity Explorer website, hosted by Iziko Museums of Cape Town, is your new best friend!

In these uncertain times, Google is, was and always will be your best friend assisting you in your time of need. Eduvation also has an online portal and we are always here to assist – everything you need is only a click away!


Covid-19 – Online Resources available to assist teachers and students


Inge Liebenberg




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