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Kids Say (AND Write) The Darnedest Things!

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With school holidays, well under way, I am sure every parent and teacher is taking the time to reflect, destress and definitely enjoying those very expensive bottles of Pinot Noir that have been locked away for special occasions. Even though traffic and the state of affairs in our country is no laughing matter at this stage in time, it is very important to keep our moods and spirits lifted. And whether you are a teacher or a parent, there is no doubt in my mind that you can all sit back and laugh at the hilarious things that kids have said and written in your very well though-out exam.

Even though the little minions can drive you completely up the wall at times and be the cause that you stand for 45 minutes in a queue at Dis-Chem just to buy that extra box of hair colour to hide all the strands of grey the L’Oreal way, ther is something so pure and joyful that come from the very developed minds of the youth of today.

These conversations are dedicated especially to the parents:

I need apples
(Conversation in car)

6-year-old: Mom I need you to get me apple something for school tomorrow.

Mom: Apple what?

6-year-old: Anything but apple sauce. Like cider or something.

9-year-old: Bring in some Angry Orchard. You have a ton of that in the fridge Mom.

Mom: Ummm. No, Apple cider it is.

The sweater
(Conversation at school drop-off)

Mom: Where did you get that shirt?

6-year-old: The dirty laundry pile.

Mom: That means it’s dirty. Is that why you are wearing the sweater?

6-year-old: Yes. I don’t like the other shirts.

Mom: So, you decided to wear a dirty shirt to school instead of one of the 27 clean ones in your closet?

6-year-old: I guess you should have done the laundry.

Rough Monday
(Conversation in minivan)

Kid: Where are we going?

Mom: To pick up your Brother.

Kid: No we’re not.

Mom: Yes we are.

Kid: No we’re not.

Mom: Yes we are. Stop saying that.

Kid: You drove past the school five minutes ago.

Me: Oh sh#t!

Teachers, buckle up and be prepared to find your sense of humour you lost way in the beginning of the first term. There is nothing quite like the sinking feeling that comes with turning over a test paper and realising you don’t know what the answers are. These pictures reveal some of the cheeky, imaginative and downright comical wrong answers given by clueless students when presented with a question that leaves them stumped. Laugh it up and enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Kids Say (AND Write) The Darnedest Things!


Inge Liebenberg




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