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SACE CPTD Cycle ends 2021 – How to rack up those points with The Eduvation Network

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The 2021 school year is not off to a fantastic start with the ongoing uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic that has changed life as we know it and leaving the education landscape in a very difficult position. Over and above teachers and schools having to worry that learners’ education is compromised, there is also the deadline of concluding the CPTD (Continuing Professional Teacher Development) cycle which comes to an end this year.

Personal development is now more than ever a key factor for teachers to ensure that they develop their skills and stay ahead of the game, especially with the landscape changing when it comes to education. 


Just as a recap, all teachers need to earn at least 150 PD points every three years of the CPTD cycle. There are three types of activities that you will be able to partake in to gather your points:


Type 1 Activities are “Teacher Initiated” activities. In other words, these are the activities in which you, as a teacher, decide on your own to participate in. 

  • Reading educational material in a variety of publications and from at least four sources (max 10 points per year)
  • Engaging in electronic media educational activities (webinars, TED Talks etc.) (max 12 points per year)
  • Attending relevant educational meetings/breakfast sessions (excluding the ones hosted by employers/Provincial Education Departments. (max 15 points per cycle)
  • Attending educational conferences/seminars/workshop sessions (max 15 points per year)
  • Mentoring and coaching other teachers (max 10 points per year)
  • Kick-starting/leading a community project (max 10 points per year)


Type 2 Activities are those activities that have been “initiated by the School”.

  • Attend at least 10 School Meetings of 1 hour each (max 10 points per year)
  • School workshops/development and support sessions (max 40 points per year) 
  • School seminars/mini-conferences  (10 points) 
  • School community action research
  • School projects
  • Achieving two school developmental needs (e.g. through SIP, APIP)


Type 3 Activities are activities that have been “initiated externally”. These activities come from external providers like universities, government departments, unions and other independent service providers who present courses and workshops that will develop teachers professionally.

  • Attending meetings organised by the Departments (max 6 points per year)
  • Subject committees
  • Induction programmes
  • Short courses/skills development programmes- workshops and online
  • CAPS training


The Eduvation Network has made it easy for teachers to participate in online courses from the comfort of their own living room which will count towards your PD activities. Simply click the link and get those points in before the final deadline comes knocking!

SACE CPTD Cycle ends 2021 – How to rack up those points with The Eduvation Network


Inge Liebenberg




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