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All work and no play, makes Mike and Sally very dull little learners. This is one saying that will never be a cliché, as this is the absolute truth. Although the standards of education have dropped quite significantly compared to back in the day, learners are pushed harder than ever to become little grown-ups by the age of 7!

Now, we are not talking about a Toddlers and Tiaras situation where little boys and girls wear more make up in pageants than most grown women do in their entire lifetime, we are talking about classrooms and learning environments that are more fast-paced than evolving technology – sit down, write until your wrist cramps/or type on an iPad, absorb, pack up, move to the next class.

How can we as teachers make learning fun again? Just as bored as you get standing in front of your class reciting page after page of textbook material, I can promise you your learners are definitely on a whole next level of planet boredom. Creativity doesn’t always come easy but create simple science experiments for example. Imagine giving students the power to predict what they think will happen and maybe having a trick or two up your sleeve by purposely making things go wrong just for laughs.

Even though it might get a little bit rowdy but allow your learners to work together as a team for certain assignments. Not only are two heads better than one, but you will aid them in developing communication skills and strategic thinking skills. Your learners also need a brain break during the course of the day. Yes, they do have break-time (which you as a teacher appreciates more than they do), but why not take a five-minute break during intense lessons and just talk to your learners like a normal human being? A little chat goes a long way and when your learners see that you acknowledge them as little humans and that you are willing to engage, they will be even more motivated to deliver top-class work. I have tried and tested this theory myself!

We all know school budgets can be a bit tight, but why not go on the good old-fashioned field trip? It doesn’t have to be an expensive venue or activity, but do forward-planning and see what interesting expo’s and school tours you can plan. This definitely makes learning fun and it will give learners the opportunity to step outside the classroom and broaden their horizons.

Last, but not least, incorporate technology into your lessons. Phones, iPads, Tablets and televisions are the pinnacle of learners’ existence and they thrive on everything that is digitally driven. Why not bring in a music video or movie snippet to plan your lesson around or even connect certain YouTube sensations to your lessons to keep your content fresh and interesting to the youth of today.

Don’ be that boring teacher we all dreaded, school is for learning yes, but nothing in this life should be attempted without a fun and positive approach!


Spice up your classroom and teaching vibe


Inge Liebenberg




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