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Surviving the last term -super-teacher style!

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It is that time of the year again, Summer is almost back in full swing and the countdown has begun to the last day of school! Although it is the last term and the excitement is building for the very long and lazy December holiday that is fast-approaching, it is incredibly important that teachers and students keep their focus and survive the all-important last term of the year.

Here are some survival tips that will keep you on the right path and get you on that lilo in the pool with a glass of wine in no time!

  1. Be like a tree – yes, you heard us!

Trees are survivors. For you to do the same, you’ll have to know when to stand strong, and when to bend in the wind. Don’t let your leaves wilt when the end is in sight!

  1. Learn to weather the storm

If one thing is constant in the field of education, it is change! If it is not the technological trends, department changes, policies and content shifts etc. it is parents that have mood swings about the slightest little mishap and it is ALWAYS a teacher’s fault. Just go with it – the more flexible you are, the better you’ll be able to deal with the challenges and storms that try to blow you right out your classroom door!

  1. Embrace that everything is not about you (in a good and bad way)

This might be easy advice to dish out, but difficult take to heart. Reality check – it doesn’t matter what you do and how incredible you are, things can fall apart, people will disappoint you and your best efforts may not be good enough. Realise that you can’t always save the day, you are an employee paid to do your job. It might sound a bit harsh, but it is the truth! Don’t be too hard on yourself.

  1. Never lose sight of your purpose

And in the incredible crush of “stuff” you have to do, this can be easy to do. Hang a picture on your wall – or a poster, a quote – something that symbolises why you got involved in teaching. And whenever things get rough and make no sense, revisit it.

Teachers, the end is in sight. Even if right now you are feeling like a dirty, deflated football, the good news it is possible to be cleaned up, refilled and inspired again.

We got this!



Surviving the last term -super-teacher style!


Inge Liebenberg




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