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Surviving the second half of the school year

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It feels like we have hardly blinked and we are already slap-bang in the middle of the year! Where did 2019 jet off to? Teachers, however, are breathing a sigh of relief that they are almost in the home stretch. It is very difficult in any profession to stay motivated and get your second breath for that final haul. We help you survive the last half of the year with a smile on your face.

Me Time” – This may one of the hardest things you can ask yourself to do. “Me Time” is not easy to find, but it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your sanity. It doesn’t have to be long or every single day, but it needs to be time that is set aside just for you. You can do almost whatever you want during this time — as long as it is not school related. No checking papers, returning parent emails or lesson planning. Find something that’s all about you, and do it.

Ask For Help – For some reason, asking for help is viewed as a sign of weakness or ineptitude. People are afraid to ask for help because they want everyone to believe that they’re the best at their job all of the time. Truth of the matter is, that we all get by with a little help from our friends. Asking for help is actually a sign of strength and a few heads are better than one!

VENT! – Sometimes frustrations are bottled up and then ruin an entire well-deserved holiday. Bottling up is the worst way to spend the next six months of the school year. It’s important to have colleagues that can understand the problems you’re facing and can offer some insight. It’s worth a lot having a handful of people that can listen and give you a hug, or even a glass of wine.

Reflection – Make sure there’s time in your day to take a look at what happened and what you can learn from it. These daily reflections prepares you for the next day, week and even the next year. You can choose to reflect in a personal journal or a blog or even in the mirror where you have a meaningful conversation with yourself if need be. Wherever you decide to reflect, make sure you do it on a regular basis. If every day is too much, do it on a happy Friday.

As we go into these next six months, perspective may be difficult to preserve. Take time for self-care, think about what you need and reflect on what you do and who you are as an educator – which is nothing short of amazing. Teach on and conquer!

Surviving the second half of the school year


Inge Liebenberg




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