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Teaching is not just a job, but a privilege!

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This is always a funny time of year. Students are moving on to new adventures – whether it is off to different universities, or just to the class in the next grade. Many teachers burst with pride at their students’ achievements in their exams, their buckets of potential and their joyful and sometimes stubborn uniqueness which will have them making huge differences in various fields of study. But the goodbyes are usually coupled with a hint of real sadness for teachers.

Being a teacher is a privilege, not just a job! It is about offering hope all day long and being available to encourage, create and create opportunities that have an impact. Teachers are the fundamental pillars that help form and support the leaders of tomorrow. Teaching is about creating a  learning culture that is open where learners can connect, take risks, share their voice and most importantly, have friends and role models!

The above-mentioned reasons are more than enough to motivate why teachers should be invested in and undergo constant training to be the best educators they can be. Teachers need to be given regular training opportunities in order to stay at the top of their game – this goes without saying.

Even the best teachers will begin to lag behind if they don’t continue to strive for excellence. Because of this, the Department of Education needs to be mindful of remembering to invest, as well as to update up-to-the-minute digital teaching tools such as LMS and LCMS technology and stay ahead of the digital trends and the training and application thereof. Here are a few benefits of in-service training for teachers:


A teacher is a person who conveys knowledge to their learners, but what happens if his or her knowledge is not quite up to scratch? In such a case, he or she is unable to carry out his or her role and responsibilities in a proper manner. We need to learn something new every single day!


If a teacher is not enough to tackle a large number of learners then their role does not becomes redundant as a matter of fact.

Improvement in Instructions

Learners are influenced by the lessons of a teacher. if these instructions are not effective and easily understandable, then the teachers are not appreciated and they are not able to do their job properly.

Work Culture

Different schools have a different work culture so it depends on each individual how he or she adapts himself or herself according to the working environment. Ongoing training help tremendously in fitting in with the school and its culture.

Over and above the benefits that students and teachers will reap from ongoing in-service training (online courses, of course, being at the forefront of skills development), the pass rate for years to come will be so much more certain, giving children around the country a real opportunity for quality education!




Teaching is not just a job, but a privilege!


Inge Liebenberg




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