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Technology and COVID-19 – How our relationship with cyberspace has grown

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If there is one thing that we have learnt during lockdown and COVID-19, it is how rapidly our relationship with technology is evolving. Let’s be honest – normality has been flipped completely on its head and rolled sideways again just for fun. We have never had to worry about our personal connections to other people or being anywhere else other than in a classroom to learn. Shopping, learning, communication, and access to certain products and services, are now all centralised and dependent on technology. What are the positive points when it comes to this?

According to Visual GPS market research stats, 79% of respondents said that technology was their comfort zone and made them feel close to the people that mattered most. During this pandemic, people of all ages have taken to ‘Telemedicine’, ‘Virtual Yoga’ and ‘Virtual Workouts.’ With the closure of gyms, virtual workouts have become the new normal.

Over and above e-learning, e-exercise, DYI, cooking, grooming, and playing instruments, lockdown has been the main reason for people developing new skills. Technology has aided tremendously in this, 74% of respondents said that technology helped them keep track of their goals.

Zoom’s video conferencing platform is among the technologies emerging from the Coronavirus communication vacuum. According to company documents, its mission is to “develop a people-centric cloud service that transforms the real-time collaboration experience and improves the quality and effectiveness of communications forever.

Netflix Party and Discord are two more tools that have been facilitating virtual connections. Netflix Party, which is a Google Chrome extension, allows you to watch Netflix movies and television shows with friends in another room, city, or country. On Discord, you can livestream video game sessions with your peers.

Virtual reality is the new normal and thanks to Cyberspace we are all equipped to fight this pandemic! 

Technology and COVID-19 – How our relationship with cyberspace has grown


Inge Liebenberg




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