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What makes us, us?


After more than a year and a half in lockdown and battling with our new way of normal caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic, it is that time of the year where South Africans have something to look forward to – National Heritage Day aka Braai Day, which is celebrated on the 24th of September.

So why all the celebration? South Africa is hands-down the most culturally diverse country in the world. This unique day is to celebrate our unique cultures, traditions, attire and acknowledging our roots and where we came from. So, what really makes us, us – the Rainbow Nation?

Let’s all just think back to 1995 – when Francois Pienaar raised the World Cup above his head alongside the legendary Mabida – I get goosebumps just writing this sentence. As much as we have daily struggles against racism, gender-based violence and crime, on that particular day there was no diversity, we were one and sport continues to unite us as one. When the Springboks play, we all transform – green shirts and jerseys, Castle in hand and throw in an aeroplane that flies over the stadium and that is a perfect Simunye – we are one fairytale!

South Africans don’t need an excuse to braai, come rain, shine, hale or hardship – nothing like a fire and a tjoppie on the coals to let the worries fade and the positive vibes to make their way back into our lives. Something that is also so unique to us is the infamous Vuvuzela, show me one sports stadium around the world with talented individuals that can make so much noise for their team…

We have walked such a long way to freedom for our democracy. Nelson Mandela taught us about loving fiercely, overcoming troubles and finding faith together no matter what our race, religion or beliefs are. With our 11 official languages South Africans are some of the generous and friendly people in the world – embracing everyone and love learning everything about them.

Let’s not forget all our homegrown snacks that everyone who visits our beautiful country always rave about – Mrs Ball’s chutney, rusks, green Crème soda (elsewhere in the world it is clear, red, light brown or even pink – but certainly not green), biltong, dry wors, NikNaks, peppermint crisp, rooibos, Provita, Big Korn Bites, Chappies, Flings, All Gold Tomato Sauce and of course AROMAT!

As Cyril would say – my fellow South Africans – let us celebrate our unique culture this month, show each other kindness and pick each other up during these tough times the Proudly South African way!

What makes us, us?


Inge Liebenberg




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