Parents can turn exam stress into a positive learning curve

The time of the year has already come around again where final exam papers are lurking around the corner. The pressure is on students to study hard to achieve the best results possible. All the pressure is also on teachers to ensure that students are well equipped to write their last exams for the year – we all know that when a student doesn’t perform as well they should, teachers are unfortunately in the firing line… However, experts suggest that parents play a vital supporting role to ensure that this stress-driven time is managed smoothly and that they assist their children to the best of their ability.

We have a few tips for parents on how you can minimise stress and anxiety and be the pillar of strength that your child needs!

  1. Help children avoid distractions

During exam periods, studies have shown that 3 out of 5 students increase their screen time with up to 30% of their extra time spent on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat and all other social platforms you can think of, is a constant distraction to student’s learning time and there is nothing worse during a time where they need to concentrate and pay full attention. Be the parent, set those boundaries, and limit screen time!

  1. Ensure that they are getting more than enough sleep

The saying about getting your beauty sleep goes a lot further than just shallow words. Getting enough sleep is fundamental to performing well at school and especially during exams. As adults, we are also guilty of taking our devices to bed with us and studies have shown that 9 out 10 children follow in our footsteps. Be hardcore and ban those devices during study time.

  1. Make it your business to know their time table

Knowing when your children are writing each of their subjects, will also help you to assist them in planning properly and giving them a sufficient timeline to prepare for their papers. Fail to plan and you plan to fail!

  1. Be the calm to their storm

If you are stressed out, your children will be even more stressed out. Even though you really want them to perform to their maximum potential, you need to ensure that you always tell them that their best is enough and that you keep your emotions intact. It will do wonders for your sanity and for theirs!

Hopefully, with these tips, exam time will be a little less stressful and a little more fun. Use this stressful time as a time to bond and teach your child crucial life skills that they will thank you for later in life!


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