Survival of the fittest – homestretch here we come!

Ugh. The winter holidays have almost come and gone. The last few mornings of sleeping in and having that late morning cup of coffee in the winter sun is coming to an abrupt end. The good news is that we are in the last half of the school year dear teachers, but now comes the big push to stay motivated and haul yourself and your class towards the finish line.

To survive the brutality that is the last five months of the school year, you need to kit yourself out with the best tips and survival mechanisms to not completely lose your mind before silly season kicks off in December. Live by the following and you will be sure to get out alive!

Take weekend trips

Yes, we know teachers have four holidays a year, but without those occasional weekend breaks, a school year can break you. Make sure you take the time and explore your surroundings – whether it’s a 20-minute drive down the road or an hour to a new and interesting mall or game farm. Get through those meh-moments in finding the little glimpses and pleasures of nature or that new restaurant on the other side of Harties to rejuvenate your soul and give you a little ‘you’ time.

Strive for balance

Whether your a mom or a student, it’s hard to find a balance. Breaking up your to-do list is non-negotiable and essential. Designate specific tasks for every day of the week. This creates a streamlined schedule and makes your life more manageable. Remember, balance isn’t all about juggling marking and prepping for your lessons, you need to ensure that you make time for that morning run or be present at home to cook your family or yourself that favourite dinner and sitting down and enjoying a well-deserved glass of vino.

Set a timer to signal the end of your workday

It’s crunch time when we start moving into the last part of the year, so it is of the utmost importance that time doesn’t pass you by while you are sitting staring at your mark book or computer screen until your brain goes numb. Set that quitting time and stick to it. You will be amazed how much you will unwind and get the rest your body and soul needs to keep you going.

Go outside

Even though it is slightly below sub-zero temperature at the moment, take the time to go for a walk and breath in some fresh air. If the sun is out, why not soak up what you can by changing your work environment and appreciating Mother Nature while you work. What the heck? Make a winter picnic of it and invite your family of snacks.

Keep pushing

Don’t underestimate your student’s excitement for the upcoming December holidays, even though it only looks like a glimmer of hope in the distant future. Their extra energy and excitement can be steered into a beneficial direction. Make lessons fun and set the example for your class.

Change your routine

It’s okay not to be a robot – promise! Sometimes you just need things to run a little differently and a new change of pace helps. Like the old saying goes – a change is as good as a summer holiday!

Best of luck, you all made it this far. Now it’s time to look up, look out, look in and pull yourself towards yourself!




July 3, 2018

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  1. True, sometimes we are on a roller coaster with no end!

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